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Server Inspection Completed V1.279

25-11-2018 19:08

Hello Atomixers,
As we're rushing to fix the last few bugs and tweak in some more optimisation improvements and as part of our commitment to delivering a content that is based on players ideas and suggestions, we want to get you, Atomixers, as informed as possible with the change-log and what to expect after updating your client to the latest version:

1. We have added 25% bonus on all silk donations (Including VodafoneCash) in celebration of the Cyber Monday.
2. We have completely fixed the wizard skill bug abuse.
3. We have applied HWID limit to the Battle Arena to be 1 Character per PC.
4. Disabled Jangan and Bandit fortress wars; only Hotan will be playable.

Thank you for being part of Atomix Online and hope to see you all having the fun you expect.

AtomixOnline Administration

Cyber Monday sale!

25-11-2018 11:33

Cyber Monday sale.

Server Inspection Completed V1.278

19-11-2018 10:39

First and foremost; please excuse us for any inconvenience the long downtime has caused! especially on a Sunday!
It will be made up for and hopefully meet your expectation. If not; we will thrive too.

  • Replaced old logos in teleport screens with the new ones.
  • Doubled the mob spawn rate.
  • Modified the starter items for a more pleasant journey beginning on our beloved -and soon yours- server!

Starter Items

  • Fixed a minor issue with the AutoEQ.
  • Fixed Guild/Union emblems.
  • Increased server slots * 2000 now.
  • Increased SOLO EXP rates by 55% and PARTY EXP by 75%
  • Added Avatars to the Item Mall based on a calculated periodic schedule.


  • Increased the starting Skill Points to 500k
  • Guilds limited to 32 members. Union to 4.

P.S. If you are looking for little boost up. [GM]Charlie will be holding a gradual Unique Event at 18.11.2018, 11:30 GMT+1.

We wish you all the fun.

AtomixOnline is back

03-11-2018 18:37 is a gaming community that's has been made up with years of experience with hosting a number of top of the range games that are still run to this day. Our networks main focus has always been to deliver the latest content to players, at a high standards that you would expect from a professional gaming team network. We eagerly invite our community members to comment and express their opinions of praise and criticism via our forums, as this aids us in developing the server into something the "player community" wants, rather than what the "Admin" says. Atomix's first private server "Atomix" began development on 07/10/2011


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