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So you are finally about to start your perfect journey in Atomix, here we will address some of your concerns.

Information you should know.

What is Atomix Online? is a gaming community that's has been made up with years of experience with hosting a number of top of the range games that are still run to this day. Our networks main focus has always been to deliver the latest content to players, at a high standards that you would expect from a professional gaming team network. We eagerly invite our community members to comment and express their opinions of praise and criticism via our forums, as this aids us in developing the server into something the "player community" wants, rather than what the "Admin" says. Atomix's first private server "Atomix" began development on 07/10/2011.

Cap & Rates?

We do prefer that you have a look at our ePvP advertising thread for more details about the game-play and available features, but, below is an insight about the cap and rates:

Cap: 110
Europe/Chines: Both.
Server Files: VSRO - Legend VI - Forgotten World
Skills: All Working - Status, Duration, KB, KD, ect
Pets: All working
Maps: All areas working
Avatars: Working and a large Range via item mall
Item Mall: Fully working
Guild/Union Emblem: Working
CTF: Working
FW: Working
FGW: Working
Xtrap: Disabled

Server: Atomix - (*Slots: 1000) To be increased on demand.
Server status: Online
Exp/Sp rate: 150x
Party Exp/Sp rate: 160x
Drop rate: 40x
Gold Rate: 10x
Job Gold Rate: 300x
Berzerk Rate: 5x
Sox Rate: 4x
FGW Talisman drop: 2.5x
Alchemy Succes Rate: Improved greatly in stages.

What makes US different?

We feel that with the current Silkroad servers out there, there are far too many UN-experienced owners and teams out there to be able to produce the level of quality needed for a server to both succeed and survive. Too many servers are only interested in making a quick few easy $'s without considering the long term effect for its players.

As said before we care about our community and what it has to say, we don't ignore you and we will always try to keep every player we can happy.

One of the other things that we will continue to bring across to ALL of our game servers is that everyone is equal no matter what. We don't privilege players for their actions, and we do not believe in UN-fair gaming. With our past servers we have had little to no calls for corruption and when we have we have fully investigated the matter and dealt with it after analyzing any evidence we have found. We don't recruit random nobody's without going through a professional recruitment process that we have always used across all of our game-servers successfully.




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